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Vendor: Brad Ingram

Location: Rolla, MO

You could probably say livestock farming is in Brad Ingram’s DNA. His land is nestled in the South Central Ozarks Highland Region, about 12 miles south of Rolla, Missouri. 

“I come from a family of farmers, and I grew up doing it,” recalled Brad. "From the time I was a boy, I learned how to plant crops, milk cows and care for livestock. I learned the importance of spending time with animals.”

Now Brad spends his time with sheep, oftentimes dawn until dark, moving them to fresh pasture every day or two. This practice ensures the highest possible quality of lamb meat – 100% grass-fed and 100% pasture-raised. The natural lifestyle also means a lower risk of disease from contaminated feed, and higher values of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. 

“I just wish people understood the importance of how an animal is raised,” said Brad. “There’s a big difference between confinement and free-roaming animals. Pasture-raised sheep are so much healthier and happier. I’m with the sheep all day, because how you treat an animal matters.”

Lucinda, Head Hen at Moink, partners with Brad because she shares his commitment to the best possible care of animals, and to the highest-quality lamb meat you can buy. 

“Most people aren’t educated when it comes to the meat they’re buying, and the labels are so misleading,” Lucinda explained. “It’s not enough to see words like natural or grass-fed on the label when buying lamb. In fact, this is a bit gross to think about, but I am going to tell you one of the HUGE reasons I would NEVER buy grocery store lamb. Worms. Yes, worms. Sheep are prone to worm issues. Most conventional farmers dose them with high doses of ivermectin (a de-wormer) to keep the worms at bay. But still, you can almost guarantee the meat you get at the store has either been dosed from here to high heaven or has had worms. Ewwwww. I told you it was gross to think about! But Brad’s sheep? Well, he rotates them continuously to fresh pasture which means the grass height stays above the level that worms can reach. So, no worms and no ivermectin. You can tell the difference in the taste and it’s the only lamb I personally will eat. Brad has shown you CAN raise sheep on pasture without drugging them…it just takes more effort and we are grateful for all his hard work.” 

As Lucinda always says, “A label is only as good as the person who stands behind it.” And that’s why when it comes to lamb (and all meat), Moink only partners with small farms with small flocks, and farmers who are transparent about how their animals are raised. 

Ready to experience exceptional lamb and support Brad Ingram and other farmers committed to animal welfare? Order a Moink Box today.