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Chicken Tenders (half lb)

Chicken Tenders (half lb)


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A tender is a strip of meat attached to the underside of the breast. Sometimes called fingers because of their shape and size, tenders are similar in location and quality to a beef or pork tenderloin—hence the name. Each chicken has two of them, and they are very lean, which makes them popular with low fat/high protein diets.

The most common preparation for chicken fingers is to batter and fry them and dunk them into a bold sauce—maybe tangy buttermilk dressing or spicy buffalo hot sauce. But they work well in lots of other recipes.  Cut them up in chicken salads, grill or sear them for sandwiches, or dice them and use them in pasta sauces. Need an easy party snack? Wrap them in bacon, brush them with BBQ sauce, and throw them on the grill or in the oven.

All Moink's chickens are raised on pasture and are moved to fresh grass every day. Living outside and grazing naturally keeps our birds healthy, which means we don’t have to treat them with antibiotics. Their diet is supplemented with a GMO-free, custom-mixed grain full of nutrients.

Our packages of pasture-raised chicken tenders weigh between .75 and 1 pound and contain 6–8 pieces.

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