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I waited as long as I humanely could to start cooking once my box arrived. (Stuff has to thaw, ya know?). The bacon this morning was awesome. But, the roast I'm eating right now is the best I've ever had. Melt in your mouth delicious. I've been nervous about the price of the box, however, I'm hooked and I'm a customer for life! Amazing and free of guilt questioning the life of the animal prior to my plate. Thank you!!! -Ann Vaughn
Beef, Pork & Salmon , May 12, 2019

I was pleasantly surprised when I cooked the Coulette Steaks. They tasted like the meat I had when I grew up on the farm and we raised our own cattle, chickens and pork. They were tender and tasted even better! It was the same thing with the bacon. Excellent and it didn't taste as salty as store bought bacon does. What a difference...we are sold! -Douglas
April 24, 2019

I am overjoyed!! Thank you!! Moink is the best!! Best beef we have had in a very, very long time. -Nora
April 23, 2019

Bacon is seriously the best I’ve ever had. Husband wasn’t to keen on me ordering meat but know he loves it and wants me to order more. Steaks are so tender , kabobs came out super tender too. We are cooking the chuck roast today. -Angie
April 18, 2019

We received our Box today, and wow were we excited. The meats were awesome! Thank you for such a professionally packed and outstanding service. -Daniel
April 5, 2019

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Those were the only words uttered over and over during supper last evening. Had the petite sirloin - so amazing. So flavorful - just a little salt and pepper and nothing more. So tender - who needs knives? Melted in my mouth like buddah. Can't wait to try the rib eye on the grill. Thank you for providing such a quality product. -Penelope
April 4, 2019

I got my first order and ate the kebobs which were wonderful, very tender. Today I had our second meal, the wild salmon. It was excellent. I'm looking forward to all the other meats, and so far I'm really really pleased. Thank you!  -Jansi
April 4, 2019

All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! Received our box today. Thawed out the French cut ribeye and it was out of this world! Cooked it medium, took pics and sent them to friends. That steak alone in a restaurant is $80 easy. The salmon was great! I can’t wait to keep it going! Thank you! -Pete
March 29, 2019


I got my first box after seeing you on the shark tank. I kept thinking to myself, "FINALLY!" After trying the salmon, my entire family is asking how to sign up. The food speaks for itself. I am preparing our first beef dish tonight, and I already know I don't want to do too much to it, because good meat should be the star of the show- and this is a total star! Thank you so much for offering clean, healthy food for my family to enjoy. It's worth every penny and I feel so good about supporting all these incredible farmers.

March 29, 2019

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you that we got our first box this week and we just made the breakfast sausage for Saturday brunch and it is amaaaaaaaazing! Thank you! Even my picky eater devoured it. We are looking  forward to our next box already! 
Thank you,
-Jessica Sinclair-Chamberlin
January 21, 2019

I love everything about this service. I feel good about the meat I’m eating and not playing guessing games in the grocery store. I love that it’s delivered to my door and that I can customize my choices. We eat better meat but less often which was our goal. And I find I thaw and cook it more carefully because it’s so special. Ethical, affordable, convenient, customized and delicious! Yay Moink! -Vanessa Charette
January 15, 2019

Love it!! Always arrives frozen despite sitting on my porch in 90 degree heat all day. My first shipment came with an extra surprise and a sweet note. The quality is amazing!! Everything tastes great and portions are perfect. My first box actually lasted me the whole month. Definitely recommend this box!! -Olivia Henley
January 15, 2019

OMG your meats are so good! I cooked the flank steak tonight and it was amazingly tender. The lamb chops are fabulous and we had French ribeyes Christmas Eve. I couldn’t be more pleased. -Jan Berger
December 31, 2018

I have received two deliveries of Moink so far and I am not only in love with the product I am getting - I am so in love with this company. This company is going against the status quo and working very hard to provide a high quality product that you can't easily find. I love how transparent they are in their business. They are giving farmers a way to make a living while keeping ethics. My favorite is the ground lamb. It is SO good!!! So much love and gratitude to Moink for making it possible to purchase such a true and ethical product. =) -Courtney Bradford
December 26, 2018

We have been using Moink for several months now! Not only is the meat delicious, the staff is fantastic!!! I have made a couple of errors in my shipping & every time, the staff (shoutout to Jody!!!) always helps to make it right, even when it is my mistake!!! The customer service is top notch! They are a delightful company to work with!!! Thank you Moink! You have made my life so much happier & healthier!! -Marissa Zamudio
December 26, 2018

Sensational!!! All products taste delicious and they support the American Farmer! Since my wife is from a farming family, I truly enjoy Moink’s business model! -Van Jason Valenzuela
December 26, 2018

We received our first delivery last week and I cannot even express the quality of the meats. The French Ribeye was literally to die for. Everything is packaged very well, customer service was top notch when I asked about delivery and I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of my box. Also, thanks for the meat thermometer! Great unexpected free gift for a protein novice like myself. -Angela McCarty-Clark
December 21, 2018

I got my first delivery yesterday. Everything was vacuum packed and arrived frozen even though it was 108 in Phoenix yesterday. Looks fabulous and I can't wait to start eating my ethical meat and fish. -Marian Gallagher
December 21, 2018

We just got our second box! EVERYTHING in our first box was outstanding from the salmon, chicken, beef and lamb. I love the idea of buying organic grass fed beef that is supporting small farmers. The customer service is superb, and the meat is delivered frozen (even inTexas!). And it saves me time running from store to store trying to find grass fed organic. Thank you Moink!! -Cindy Barnes Wolf
December 21, 2018

We were given a box of varied selections as a gift. WOW! amazing food, excellent quality. (The pork chops were fantastic.) -Noretta Huff
Gift box , November 4, 2018

Good Morning! I just received my first Moink Box and wanted to tell you how VERY impressed I am by everything about it including how it was packaged, the communication about it and best of all the condition of the meat inside - solidly frozen and no vacuum seals broken on the packages. WOW! Really great job on all counts. We are looking forward to tossing something on the grill when I get home from work tonight. I tried Butcher Box first and there is absolutely no comparison from a quality, communication and caring about your product standpoint. So glad we found you! -Amy Cole
Beef, Pork & Chicken , October 26, 2018

I would like to thank you for the free gift. I’m so happy we found you to get our meat from. Thank you for doing what you do 💕 - carol difrancesca
October 5, 2018


Love your meat and service.I used to use Butcherbox, but want to support more locally sourced meat, and you have a much better variety and ability to tailor contents to individual needs. My question is, why don't you advertise more? Butcherbox is saturating the Internet and facebook.I feel like your service and ability to support regional family farms in the US is so much superior! Maybe bigger isn't better? Anyway I spread the word as much as possible, and.wanted to tell you how pleased we are with Moink!

September 21, 2018

Package came today. I am really impressed with how great it all arrived—-and fast!
Thank you for the thermometer.
August 16, 2018

Oh.....my......god!!!!!! That was the best roast we have EVER eaten! This meat is far superior to anything we have ever eaten before. Unbelievable difference!!! 
Thank you so much we are customers for life from here on out. 
Kindest regards 
May 30, 2018

Just want to say how pleased I am with your boxes. I love the ease of being able to cancel or add a box. I also love the fact that I can sub items that aren't what I need that week. I also am looking forward to the new cuts, especially the beef liver. I love chicken liver, too, if you ever consider offering it. I am wondering if you would ever consider offering lard? I would definitely be interested in that. Again, thank you so much!AbigailPS The thermometer gift with my first box was a real treat, thank you! -Abigail
Beef, Pork & Chicken , January 23, 2018

I just enjoyed my first steak from Moink and want to tell you it was Scrumptious & sooo tender! Truly the best steak I’ve had in a very long time. -Irene W.
Beef and Chicken , October 5, 2017

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