Enjoy the Highest Quality Meat

and Help us Fight for the Family Farm

Farmer Owned & Operated

What is it?

Moink offers ethical meat boxes delivered to your doorstep. Our customizable boxes include options for wild-caught salmon, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture raised pork, grass-fed and grass-finished lamb, and pasture raised chicken. Owned and operated by farmers, we are proud of the work we do and inspired by the people we feed.

We connect tender-hearted carnivores with high quality,
humanely raised and ethically sourced meat
from small family farms.

A great product
does not need altering.

Exceptional Taste. Exceptional Quality.
  • Our meat is antibiotic free.
  • We do not use growth hormones.
  • We do NOT feed GMO grains.
  • Our products are not altered to doctor the color.
  • There are no solutions added to our chicken.
  • There is no sugar in our bacon or breakfast sausage.
  • There are no nitrites or nitrates in our products.
We Believe A Day of Reckoning is Long Overdue for the Small Family Farm

Our land animals are raised outdoors, on pasture, and our fish swim
wild in the ocean.

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