About Us

Moink is owned & operated by farmers. We are proud of the work we do & inspired by the people we feed. Have questions? Call us up or send us a line. We love to chat!

 Boxes & Business

·       Our boxes fully customizable. Start off with any box type and swap out the cuts you do not want for the ones you do. 

·       We ship to the lower 48 states. 

·       Each box has 13-16 lbs of meat which works out to less than $4.50 serving. 

·       We are farmer owned & operated. 

·       We are inspired by the people we feed. Customer service- it's what we do.  

·       It's easy to cancel right inside your account settings. We don't think you will- but we know everybody likes an exit strategy. 


Humanely Raised & Ethically Sourced

·       Our beef & lamb are grass-fed and grass-finished.

·       Our chickens, beef, lamb, and pork are raised outdoors on pasture.

·       Our salmon is sustainably wild-caught in Ala­ska.



Exceptional Taste. Exceptional Quality.

·       Our meat is antibiotic free.

·       We do not use growth hormones.

·       We do NOT feed GMO grains. ­ 

·       Our finished product is not doctored to alter the color.

·       There are no solutions added to our chicken. 

·       There is no sugar in our bacon or breakfast sausage. 

·       There are no nitrites or nitrates in our products.  





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