How it works

Moink provides you with regular boxes (every 3, 4, 6 or 8 weeks) of ethically sourced/ exceptionally tasting grass fed & finished beef & lamb, pastured pork & chicken as well as wild caught seafood delivered straight to your doorstep.
1. Select one of our four box options.  (link "box options"). Select your delivery frequency (every 3, 4 or 6 weeks).
2. Customize your box. We will let you know what's scheduled for your box 10 days before shipping, giving you plenty of time to customize your meat selections, add extras or skip your order. 
3. Your payment method of choice is charged on the Friday before your shipment date.
4. We ship via Fedex on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Your order will arrive on your doorstep Wednesday - Friday, depending on the time of year and where you live. We'll email you a tracking number so you can track your package progress. 
5. Open your door and enjoy ethically sourced, exceptionally tasting meat and more time around your table.
We have several options, and all our boxes are customizable. Our boxes have about 35-40 servings (which works out to about $4.50 a serving!) and a total of 13-16lbs.
1. Beef, Lamb & Chicken
2. Beef, Pork & Chicken
3. Beef & Chicken
4. Beef, Chicken & Salmon
A standard top open freezer on your refrigerator has about 2.5 – 3 cubic feet of space available. Our standard boxes will take up about 1-1.5 cubic feet.
Nope. Try us once, try us twice or become a lifelong customer. Of course, we prefer the latter and think you will too, but we embrace all walks of life including those with commitment phobias.  We don't mind earning your love!
Well, you could, if you just make a first order and then cancel the account after your delivery.  Our service is all about providing you with regular deliveries. You can always adjust your delivery schedule if a delivery every four weeks is more than you need, or if you're away and won't be around to take your delivery.
Sorry, we don't offer that service – it's not cost effective for either of us to deliver just a few items.
Hi, Jody here! I am a pretty busy lady with chores and what not, so the best way to get ahold of me is through text or email. You can text me at 217-717-9448 or you can email me at oink@moinkbox.com, Of course, you can call me as well, but no guarantees that you won't hear a cow or kids playing in the background.
Nope, we do not have a storefront. We are strictly an internet based company and we work from home. However, if you would like to come visit, we always have some extra chores we can put you to work doing! ;)
If it's recipes you want, recipes we have! Go on over to our blog and look through our awesome recipes by category. Still not finding what you are looking for? Check out our Facebook and Instagram, we have tons more recipes there!

Deliveries, Shipping & Schedules

You can choose whether you want a delivery every 3, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. You can adjust your schedule any time you need if that's not convenient - if you're going to be away, or you're not using the meat as fast as you thought then you can skip or add deliveries in your account settings. We ship on Tuesdays & Wednesdays via Fedex and depending on where you live and the time of year your box will arrive in 1-3 business days.
We deliver to all the lower 48 states. 
Nope. Fedex will leave your box outside your house if you're not home. 
Absolutely. We package everything inside an insulated box with dry ice, so your meat will be frozen when you get home to collect it.
You can simply skip or reschedule a delivery if you're not going to be around, please do so by Thursday night at midnight prior to your scheduled ship date.
You can skip a delivery by going to your Moink account, then my account and finally delivery schedule. Here you can skip the weeks you need to by simply clicking on the week that you need to be skipped.
Sure thing! All you have to do is log into your Moink account, go to my account and then delivery schedule. Here you can add as many deliveries to your schedule as you would like by simply clicking on the date that best fits your needs!
Sorry, we ship all orders on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Your delivery will arrive on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on where you live and your shipping day.
Schedule changes, delivery skips, box contents swaps must all be done by Thursday night at midnight prior to your Tuesday or Wednesday ship date.
As a general rule, once the deadline has passed your order is locked in as is. However, we are able to make the occasional exception to this rule if we have not yet billed your order, which we usually do on Friday mid morning after going through our emails to make sure we helped with any last minutes changes to orders. Shoot us an email or call us up and we will see what we can do.
You may do so in your account by clicking on my account > your schedule. Alternatively, you can just email us at oink@moinkbox.com and let us know what schedule changes you would like.  
You can find your tracking number on the home page of your Moink account, also FedEx will send you an email directly with your tracking information. This does take a bit of time for everything to update so it will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon depending on your actual shipping day.
First off, don't freak! We pack our boxes with enough dry ice to withstand a delay, so no need to worry just yet! Next, check your tracking number and see where your box is. Sometimes your delivery can be delayed due to weather - if the weather is bad in your area, allow a day to let the weather calm down and see what happens with your delivery. Still nothing? Just contact Jody in customer service by going to oink@moinbox.com or text me on 217-717-9448 and I will help you locate your delivery!

Your order

Of course! Go to your Account Info and change your box type. If your order is currently open, it'll take effect right away. If you don't have an open order, it'll take effect with the next delivery.
Absolutely! You can switch out items you don't want and substitute them for other things, or add extras as both a one time add on or a recurring add on.
You can make changes from when we post your box contents (10 days out from ship date), until we close the orders the following Thursday night at midnight, Central Time. 
Very easily. Once the order is open you log into your account and click on the picture of what you do not want. The website will give you options of what you are able to swap it out for.
Yes! You can pick anything in our shop and add it to your order as a one time extra purchase or as a standing order for recurring shipment.
It's possible we had to make a last-minute change to your order. First, check your box contents by looking on the top flap of your delivery. You can also find an invoice of your box contents by going to your Moink account, then my account and finally order history. Still missing an item? Just send me an email at oink@moinkbox.com and I will get you all fixed up!
Sometimes we have to make last-minute changes to your order and send you a substitute item instead. If you're not happy with the switch, send me an email at oink@moinkbox.com and I will get you all fixed up!
Our inventory is always changing: we like to add new cuts of meat and remove some of the cuts we have had for a long time, so we're always changing the menus. We don't want you to be surprised with your box contents so we recommend you check out what's in every delivery!
The insulation is some pretty cool stuff, it is made out of recycled scraps from the fashion industry and get this, it is 100 percent compostable. I like to use mine as a weed barrier in my garden but I have also been known to use it to insulate my cold farmhouse windows.
What's happening is that the dry ice is causing the plastic material to become brittle due to the extreme cold temperatures. -109 degrees to be exact. Then with the bumps and jumps of the delivery process, the meat will bang into each other causing the plastic material to tear. We do suggest that you use a bowl or plate under your meat during the thawing process, just in case of a hole or tear in the plastic.

Billing, payments & admin

We charge your card on Friday prior to your Tuesday or Wednesday ship date.
It's usually due to the card details being incorrect - most of the time the card has expired. Update your card details on the site in your Account Settings and let us know so we can re-run the charge. On Saturday we re-run any failed charges. If the card does not go through and we have not heard from you we cancel your order remove you from our shipment list for the upcoming week.
You can change your address, email address, phone number etc in your Account Settings. Please note that if your order is not open this change will take affect at your next delivery.
Uh oh! Did we do something wrong? We strive for 100% customer happiness so if something didn't go like you thought please let us know straight away so we can make amends. If you just want to take a break, you can always just skip a few deliveries. But if you really want to cancel, it's quick and easy. Click on My account and choose Account Settings, and then click Cancel Account. It's the big red button.
We knew you loved us really! Just log into the site and your account will be reactivated immediately.
There's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. Remember, if you don't get emails from us you won't get a reminder when your order is open or what's in the menu, so you'll have to remember to log in and make any changes you need.
You can find your credits by logging into your account, go to my account and then delivery history. Here your credit will be in green!

Referrals & Gift Cards

When you log into your account you will see a referral link or a banner that says "Tell your friends" Use this link and they will get $20 off their first order. We'll give you $20 for each person who becomes a regular customer – and there are no limits, so bring all your friends and family!
The more the merrier, refer away! There are no limits to how many friends you can refer!
Look at you go spreading the word about Moink! That makes our hearts so happy to hear! :) Once your friend has received two paid boxes, you and your friend will each receive a $20.00 credit to your accounts!
You might be the best friend ever! You can send a gift box or a gift certificate by going to moinkbox.com and then scrolling to the bottom of our page, here you will see "Gifts!". Simply follow the prompts on either the gift boxes or gift certificates! As far as customizing a gift box, we do not customize gift boxes.
We'll give you the credit after they've paid for their second delivery.
Yes we do – you can purchase one right on our home page at the bottom under gift certificates.
Absolutely. You can send gift boxes here: Moink Gift Boxes


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