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Vendor: Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood Company

Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company was started in 2000 by Captain Tony Wood, a long-time guide to the best resorts, hunting and fishing locations in Southwest Alaska.

Once he discovered the fabulous taste and health benefits of fresh, wild salmon from the crystal clear waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, he realized that he needed to share his discovery with other people.

As he learned about the salmon available in most of the United States, he saw that most wild salmon caught in Alaska sat on a fishing boat for a couple of days after being caught, then were transported to a big factory to process before being trucked to warehouses, distribution centers, stores and supermarkets.  This seemed wrong when Captain Tony knew that there was a better way to get the fish out of the water, cleaned, processed and to the consumers while it was still at its peak.

In 2000 Tony started Wild Alaska Salmon And Seafood Company. Then he brought on Heather Huffman as manager and wife. Together they head the team that gets this delicious fish out of Bristol Bay and to your plate quicker than you will find it short of hauling out of the Bay yourself.

Tony and Heather’s Mission is to:

  1. Provide consumers and restaurants with the best premium wild Alaskan salmon they’ve ever tasted.

  2.  Tweaking the methods to providing the freshest wild salmon and other seafood products to customers as quickly as possible; and

  3. To care for and protect the Alaskan wilderness.