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Vendor: Adams Dirt Farm

Location: La Belle, MO

Adam Cramsey, Moink Co-Founder and farmer at Adam’s Dirt Farm, lives in Missouri with his wife, Lucinda (our other Moink Co-Founder).

adam's dirt farm

Having grown up on a struggling family farm, Adam is no stranger to the challenges that family farmers face. However, he and Lucinda knew that farming was a way of life they wanted for their children.

A New “Old” Way of Life

They gave up Adam’s job as an engineer and house in the ‘burbs to buy 143 acres of land and a dilapidated farm house near Lucinda’s home town in rural Missouri.

Adam scoured junk piles and auctions to find the right equipment – the kind our grandparents used, but has gone out of fashion with today’s mass production agriculture. It took three years to transition the once chemical-laden row crop farm to an organic biodynamic operation.

An Organic, Biodynamic Operation

“Our farm was once Native American land – which is why our creek bed is scattered with arrowheads. We are humbled to help return this land to its roots, to the way it was when the Native Americans lived on it.

When we bought it there was little biodiversity, but over the years as we have sought to restore it we have seen it really flourish. When the butterflies and the bees returned we knew we must be doing something right,” said Lucinda.

adam's dirt farm

Why Call It “Adam’s Dirt Farm?”

Because they’ve got good dirt. At the core of the farm is a compost operation that takes area yard waste and manure from other farms and turns it into compost – i.e. black gold.

On Adam's Dirt Farm you can find vegetables that they sell through a CSA, chickens that help control the bug population, hogs raised in the woods – where they are the happiest, sheep, goats raised on pasture and absolutely NO GMOs or pesticides/ herbicides.

Their motto is, “If we aren’t comfortable with our kids playing in it – then we aren’t comfortable making our animals eat it or roam in it!”